Community Safety Coordinator (BR12)

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Job Description

Job Category : Facilities & Environmental Services
Location : Civic Centre, Bromley Council
Hours Per Week : 36.00
Start Date : Immediate Start
Start Time : 08:30
End Time : 17:00
Salary: £22.00

Violence Reduction Lead, the profile involves coordinating and overseeing various aspects related to reducing violence in the community. This includes working with community safety partners, addressing youth violence and gang-related issues, tackling violence against women and girls, and implementing initiatives like the Serious Violence Duty and the VRU Violence and Vulnerability Action Plan. The role would be crucial in developing strategies and programs to promote safety and reduce violence in the community.

As a violence reduction lead, your primary responsibilities would be to develop and implement strategies to address various forms of violence in the community. This includes:

1. Collaborating with community safety partnerships and relevant stakeholders to create a coordinated approach towards violence reduction.

2. Addressing issues related to youth violence and gangs by designing intervention programs and initiatives that target at-risk youth and promote positive alternatives.

3. Leading efforts to combat violence against women and girls by implementing awareness campaigns, support services, and preventative measures.

4. Overseeing the launch and implementation of the serious violence duty, which may involve working with law enforcement agencies and other organisations to identify and address high-risk individuals involved in violent activities.

5. Developing and executing the VRU violence and vulnerability action plan, which outlines specific goals and measures to reduce violence and vulnerability within the community.

6. Collecting and analysing data to evaluate the effectiveness of violence reduction programs, making adjustments as necessary to improve outcomes.

7. Advocating for policy changes and resource allocation to support violence reduction efforts.

8. Building strong relationships with community members, local organisations, and government agencies to foster a collaborative and holistic approach to violence reduction.

Overall, the role as a violence reduction lead is vital in creating a safer and more secure community by tackling the root causes of violence and implementing evidence-based interventions to promote lasting change.

Experience of working with a diverse range of partners to develop a common set of outcomes
Experience of developing and monitoring outcomes
Knowledge and experience of crime and antisocial behaviour problem solving methodologies
Experience of project support duties.
Experience of working with sensitive data and confidential information within a criminal justice / community safety environment.

Good at building and sustaining relationships
Work within a team.
Carry out work on own initiative.
Work under pressure and with minimal supervision.
Work within departmental quality procedures.
Provide consumer and trader advice within current legislation framework.
Excellent I.T. skills
Excellent written and verbal skills.
Able to present complex information clearly and with integrity
Political awareness