Quality Assurance Officer (Gr H)

9 July 2024
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Job Description

Job Category : Procurement
Location : Guildhall, Royal Borough of Kingston
Hours Per Week : 36.00
Start Date : Immediate Start
Start Time : 09:00
End Time : 17:00
Salary: £20.91

Quality Assurance Officer working in the RBK ASC Quality Assurance Team. Job Description is attached. Essential criteria include:
Experience of on site Adult Social Care Quality Assurance or Contract Monitoring visits to Adult Social Care providers.
Experience of Adults Social Care Safeguarding and Whistleblowing
Experience of writing reports for Local Authority Adult Social Care departments.
Experience of resolving concerns and complaints relating to Adult Social Care providers.
Able to travel to Kingston upon Thames up to twice a week to undertake on site visits.
Can evidence of a Just Culture approach to provider engagement as opposed to a Blame Culture

The role reports directly to the Quality Assurance Lead.
This role is responsible for monitoring, review and reporting of ASC service providers quality by liaising with service users, carers and service providers to ensure the quality of services commissioned. This role captures service user and carer feedback, maintains frequent contact with specific service providers, and collates information and intelligence to inform safeguarding, contract management, commissioning and procurement activity. This role works closely with colleagues across ASC to agree areas for review and improvement.
Key activities
• ● Works with manager and colleagues to define outcomes, set targets and monitor
performance, within a culture of continual improvement
• ● Supports operational plans to ensure that the resources within the teams are used to
best effect and impact
Customers and Partners
• ● Builds strong internal and external working partnerships to enable the service to be
delivered in an outcome-focused and efficient way
• ● Supports Kingston’s commitment to community cohesion and valuing diversity and
social inclusion
Digital/New Ways of Working
● Uses new technologies, particularly Google, to adopt modern, agile working
practices, improve customer service and eliminating paper-based processes wherever possible.
• ● Undertake proactive monitoring of commissioned services at planned and regular
intervals with a designated portfolio of services ensuring that colleagues across ASC
are appropriately involved and informed
• ● Collate quality assurance information and intelligence from variety of sources
including, audits, observations, engagement with service users, carers and service providers through in person visits, telephone and questionnaires to inform safeguarding, contract management, commissioning and procurement activity
• ● Access quality of care and support being provided, and measure against contractual obligations, safety and quality standards
• ● Identify improvement areas and make appropriate recommendations to stakeholders

for review and improvement.
• ● Ensure service user and carer feedback is captured and used to drive quality
improvements for service users
• ● Raise concerns on service quality refereed by internal team and through monitoring
visits to the Councils governance framework
• ● Work with ASC operational teams, relevant professionals and partner organisations
on a regular basis to share market intelligence and agree required actions where
service quality concerns are identified
• ● Support any necessary action required to manage suspensions or provider failure
that will impact service delivery
• ● Develop, monitor and report on service provider action plans and risk assessments to
address poor performance
• ● Conduct sample case reviews to make sure that all decisions made with regards to
quality and access are appropriately evidenced on relevant systems
• ● Support complaints and safeguarding investigations as required to ensure the care
provisions comply with CQC
• ● Maintain and support the development of Management Information reporting and
The person
In order to successfully deliver the responsibilities of the role, you will need to:
• ● Question and challenge ways of working, with an understanding of the bigger picture
in terms of the corporate context and external environment
• ● Demonstrate agility and adaptability in mindset and ways of working
• ● Work successfully with key stakeholders within and outside of the Council
• ● Demonstrate commitment to own personal and professional development to meet the
changing demands of the role
• ● Demonstrate innovation and creativity
• ● Actively engage in positive cross organisational communications and team working
• ● Communicate clearly, confidently and appropriately with colleagues using the best
methods of communication for the task
• ● Experience in and good knowledge of undertaking quality monitoring activity within the social care market
• ● Good understanding of the operating environment of health, social care, regulated services and the community and voluntary sectors
• ● Building effective relationships across departments and with wider partners and key stakeholders
• ● Knowledge of Safeguarding ASC procedures and when to instigate them
• ● Ability to interpret and explain complex data
• ● Able to accurately record, gather and collate clear evidence based information
• ● Understanding and awareness of key legislation for Public Sector social care,
including health, housing and social care